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Impact of Specific Antibiotic Therapies on the Prevalence of Human Host Resistant Bacteria

Partners: Institute for Infectious Diseases 'Matei Bals' – (IDMB)

The organisation

IDMB'Matei Bals' National Institute for Infectious Diseases is part of the University of Medicine 'Carol Davila' Bucharest, first school of medicine in Romania. The facility encompasses around 700 beds treating adults and children, including infectious disease units, intensive care units and a center for HIV therapy and vaccination polices. An important part of our Institute is the Epidemiology department, a national monitoring center of AMR and a leader in epidemiological projects, including AMR control guidelines. Moreover, the Institute is an important research center involved in many Phase 2 and Phase 3 drug trials. Our microbiology laboratories are also involved in national projects on MRSA, VRE, ESBL, MBLS and MDR non fermentative bacilli.  The laboratory department includes a molecular biology laboratory.  There is a centralized computerized data entry and archiving system.

Key staff involved in the project

Liliana PreoţescuLiliana Preoţescu, Dr. University of Medicine and Pharmacy 'Carol Davila' (1983-1989). Expert physician in infectious disease (1998). University degree in 'viral hepatitis' at VI University in Paris (2007). Active pre- and post-graduate role in teaching of judicious antibiotic treatment of infectious diseases.

Adrian Streinu-CercelAdrian Streinu-Cercel, Prof.PhD. Specialist in infectious diseases and epidemiology, large experience in microbiology, leader in many national projects in this domain. Post-graduate training on diagnostic and therapy of infectious diseases at Carol Davila University, Bucharest. PhD in Medicine at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacology of Bucharest on 'New Modalities anti-infective therapy for bacterial acute meningitis' (1999). General Director of Preventive Medicine since 1994 - Director of the Institute for Infectious Diseases 'Prof.Dr.Matei Balş' since 1998. President of the National AIDS Committee since 1997.

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