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Impact of Specific Antibiotic Therapies on the Prevalence of Human Host Resistant Bacteria

Partners: Medical University of Lodz – (MUL)

The organisation

MULThe Medical University of Lodz (www.umed.lodz.pl) is a higher state school, self-depended in matters of science, teaching and management. It has 5300 students and more than 1100 academic teachers and researchers in 8 faculties. It is one of Poland's leading research universities, with grant and contract support by the State Committee for Scientific Research. The university has established bilateral agreements with many educational and scientific institutions, in particular France, Germany, Spain, United States, Belgium and the Netherlands. It edits its own annual journal "Annales Acadeamiae Medicae Lodziensis".

The Department of Family and Community Medicine develops activities in research vocational training, postgraduate teaching, teaching the teachers. Research interests are respiratory tract diseases (infections, COPD), postgraduate teaching, public health, prevention and health promotion. The Department coordinated projects exploring respiratory tract infections, perception of authorities, physicians and patients of antibiotic use and resistance, prevention and treatment of influenza. At the moment the Department is a Partner in EU Network of Excellence GRACE coordinating one of the Primary Care Networks which recruited so far 600 patients in Lodz; and is a Partner in project CHAMP within the EU FP6 Programme. The Department coordinates the Network about 50 GPs participating in research and vocational training in family medicine. It also is a partner in EU thematic network PHOENIX NT. The head of the Department is the president elect of the College of Family Physicians in Poland and participates in EU project PHEPA. He is also an auditor of the EU Project ESAC.

Key staff involved in the project

Maciek Godycki-CwirkoMaciek Godycki-Cwirko, (MD, PhD) family physician, is head of the Department of Family and Community Medicine. He is President Elect of the College of Family Physicians in Poland. His research has focused on public health, particularly disease prevention and health promotion, health care systems and recently prudent use of medicines. He is author of more than 30 peer-reviewed publications, chapters in 18 textbooks, about 40 presentations at international scientific meetings. He has given 7 invited lectures and has participated in numerous international projects, networks and committees.

Jaroslaw KrawczykJaroslaw Krawczyk, (MD) lecturer at the Department of Family and Community Medicine. He has special interest in infections of respiratory tract and qualitative research.

Katarzyna KosiekKatarzyna Kosiek, (MD, PhD) family physician, tutor, involved in vocational training and assessment. Participated in the development of national specialty exam in family medicine. Researcher, co-author of a few professional publications and books.

Magdalena MurasMagdalena Muras, (MD, PhD) family physician, tutor, researcher with special interest in asthma and COPD, facilitator of the Lodz GPs’ research network.

Anna KowalczykAnna Kowalczyk, (MPH) specialist in public health, research manager.

Further information

Medical University of Lodz
Department of Family and Community Medicine
20 Kopcinskiego Street
90-153 Lodz, Poland
Phone: + 48 42 679 55 46
Fax: + 48 42 678 60 41


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